Intensions of the society


The Heinrich Schliemann Society is a funding association for the Heinrich Schliemann Museum, which was established in 1980.

Its task is to support the scientific work of the memorial and research centre, on the life and works of the internationally renowned archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann and to promote the renovation of his listed home and the expansion of the exhibition to increase the appeal of this institution.

This non-profit society regards itself as a forum to bring together interested citizens, Schliemann researchers and patrons of the museum. Through lectures, excursions, publications and guided tours, the association helps to communicate a factually correct image of Schliemann, preserve Schliemann's legacy and to make it accessible to the general public.

Meanwhile, the company has grown to about 200 members from more than 13 countries.

With considerable support from the Schliemann Society, the collection of Schliemann documents has been expanded in recent years and a museum reference library built. In addition, the technical and personnel requirements for the electronic archiving of Schliemann's written estate were created and assistance given to the educational work of the museum.

Each year, members are kept informed of events in the society and the museum via an information sheet.

Members have free admission to the Schliemann Museum, can use the local reference library and have discounts on museum and social events.

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